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With many sleepless nights and countless cups of coffee behind me, I’m STOKED to finally bring to you all Right Up Our Alley – A fashion and lifestyle blog by ME {Michele Alley!} When you have a last name like Alley, you sort of, kind of, are required to use it anyway you can.

To kickoff this party, I want to tell you a bit about myself {don’t worry, this won’t be an every-blog-post-occurence {trust me, this is not that kind of blog}.

My name is Michele Alley. I live in a small town in Arkansas with my husband Charles and our two overly adorable dobermans, Cholla and Milli. My husband and I both has 8 to 5 jobs, but we are very much work-to-live and not live-to-work kind of people. We enjoy being together, living life slowly, and enjoying every minute. I’ve always had a love of writing things down – you’ll never rarely catch me using my cell phone for notes or grocery lists – I’m a pad and paper kind of girl, and blogging has always been something that’s excited me.

As far as my style goes, I wish I could tell you what you’ll expect to see from this blog. My style varies – you’ll catch me in things that are on the more edgy, funkier end {such as below}, or you might catch me in something very minimalistic, such as blue jeans and a cozy sweater. My fashion varies based on my mood – I usually dress the way I’m feeling…I guess that explains why I can never pick my outfits out in advance. I break a ton of “rules” of fashion {mainly because I don’t know all of the rules..and who doesn’t love to break a good rule}. I’m a religious offender of the hairband on your wrist faux pas {sorry mom, you taught me better!} My nails are bare a good deal of the time, although I’m trying to get better at this one. My closet is basically work-to-play fashion, if I can’t find some way to transition a piece from work to play, I have a serious mental tug-o-war situation going on before I make the purchase. I’m truly bringing you things that are “Right up Our Alley.”

It took me a long time to find my style and stop purchasing things just because everyone else was! Feeling confident never came easy for me, but the game is changing. I hope you stick around on this blog, I hope you share with your friends, and I hope you find the fashion that is right up your own alley.

With that out of the way, let me bringing you my first outfit! You’ll probably get sick of me talking about my FAVORITE place to shop {Suite One Boutique in Fort Smith, AR – check them out here!} This entire outfit was from Suite One Boutique – and you can find in store or on their website.


ShoesQupid – lace up and peep toe, and for UNDER $50! Insane. Jeans – JustBlack – inexpensive and they feel like pajamas. And the fit? Nothing better than the fit. V-Neck tank – Lush – comfiest thing you’ll put on, guaranteed. I have them in four colors, and they also come in regular v-neck tees. Bralette – not sure on the brand, but from Suite One as well, for only $20! It’s criss-crossed, which adds such an edgy and interesting touch to anything you wear it with.


Check the blog out on instagram – rightupouralley – and stay tuned for a fun giveaway! {Oh, and if you want to click the follow button to the side here, I wouldn’t hate it!}




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