Packing for a weekend adventure

The weekend is drawing nearer and nearer. You and your fella {or you and your group of gals!} have planned an adventure that starts when the clock strikes 5pm on Friday. You want to be ready to jump in the car and GO when that clock finally makes it to closing time on Friday,  so about Wednesday, the thoughts start kicking in. What. Do. I. Pack??? 

If you’re anything like me, or well, let’s be honest, if you’re anything like anyone I’ve ever met before, packing {..okay..and unpacking} are let’s just say not the most fun part of any trip. It’s hard not to have major outfit FOMO going on when trying to choose what to pack. “What if I bring the wrong shoes?” “What if everyone is dressed fabulous and I’m wearing a sweater and chacos?” 

I actually wouldn’t mind a sweater and chacos…

Packing is inevitable and it can be grueling {especially if you have to pack for your husband as well..}. I’m here to ease your pain! With a few basic necessities, you can be packed and ready to go in 15 minutes flat. Just remember – you’re going on a trip to have FUN! To RELAX! To go on an ADVENTURE! Let your outfits reflect that. Be a little bolder, but be comfortable. All that adventuring {..adventuring? Is this a word? I guess it’ll work} can wear you out, the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable. Most of all, let what you pack reflect your personal style.

When I pack, I like to bring a few items that I can customize and tailor to fit more than one outfit. I was actually forced to start doing this, my personal bag boy Charles started getting sick of carrying my excess luggage.


First, let’s start with the jeans If you read my last post {I sure hope you DID!}, you’ll know that these ripped jeans are pretty much my saving grace. They are from Suite One Boutique {check them out here!} and they are the brand JustBlack. I can’t stress enough how these need to become a staple in your closet. They add an instant flair to everything, they’re under $70, and they are just about the softest things you’ll ever put on.


Now let’s talk maxi dresses. I bring a maxi dress with me no matter what trip I go on, and I make it a comfortable one {I’ll leave the chiffon and tighter ones at home..}. I like to stick to the comfort of a nice cotton maxi dress. I like to bring my back one because I can easily dress it up or down in a heartbeat if my plans take a turn I didn’t expect. Throw a funky pair of heels and some jewelry with it, pop o some red lipstick, and you’re ready for a night out, or throw your hair in a bun, put on some flats and you’re ready for a day outside! This is my favorite black maxi dress and it’s from Old Navy. 



I also try to bring a few funky patterns when I travel, again, things that are lightweight and comfortable. The floral shirt is probably one of my favorites. It’s from the same boutique as my cozy sweater from the last past {go check it out if you haven’t…you know who you are}. The boutique is called Indie. The floral shirt is so lightweight and has a fit that you wish ALL of your tops came in. The brand on the shirt is called Show Me Your MuMu. I just LOVE that! The second shirt is a soft plaid patterned shirt in a nice spring color. I’ve worn this on a few plane rides with boyfriend jeans, I’ve worn this as a coverup, I’ve worn this on it’s own lounging around the house…this shirt is the epitome of versatile. This top is from another local boutique {are you sensing a theme with me yet?} called Hazel’s Haven. 

weekendshoes closeupwekend

You need to have shoes for nights out as well as a pair of versatile day shoes. The above shoes – Matisse brand, purchases at Suite One. The bottom shoes are the nicest cognac color that work with anything in my closet {they’re like magic shoes..} and they are from Old Navy. 

sunglasseswekend sunglassesweekend2

Let’s not forget a pair of sunnies {these double as a way to hide those tired morning eyes..or if you had a little too much fun the night before..}. Mine are from Suite One and are you ready for this? They are TWELVE. DOLLARS! Go getcha some, these are perfect for people like me who scratch / lose / break sunglasses on the regular.

Leave a comment below with your weekend plans! Mine will be spent at home for the first time in a few weekends, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!


2 thoughts on “Packing for a weekend adventure

  1. My first weekend at home in a long time too! I hope to spiff up my closet a little using your blogged suggestions. Here I come a shopping Fort Smith!


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