Day and Night

This day has! With that being said….

The sun is shining, it’s nice and toasty outside, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo {yay, MARGS!} and it smells like honeysuckles outside {that fact alone makes me smile}. Even with the stressful work day I’ve had, I cannot help but be in a good mood! Even my current setting is making me smile. I’m sitting on the couch on the deck {with my two backseat bloggers, Cholla and Milli..}, blogging away and sipping on a mojito – yes again – and I just feel overwhelmed with the readiness for summertime and fun outfits. My heart is feeling pretty happy right about now.

Summertime in the Alley household means more patios, more cookouts, more bonfires, more sunsets, and more courage in our clothing choices. For instance, I never thought I would want to rock a blazer {I’m just not a blazer kind of person…so I thought} and then I found the amazing blazer below a few nights ago, and now I’m a blazer kind of person. I also thought I wouldn’t buy into the fad that is boyfriend jeans. Until I tried on a pair and ended up loving them.

If you haven’t already learned this lesson, I’m going to teach it to you now. The things you think you won’t like end up being the things you can’t get enough of. Scared to branch out and try something new? Just try it! There’s no commitment in trying something out and seeing what you think.

For me, I tried this combo below {with a bit of hesitation..} and couldn’t get enough of it. Seriously, if I could wear this every day, I think I just might. It’s perfect for all of you working women out there trying to transition from a day in the office to a night out with the girls.


blazer2 copy blazer3 blazerback Tallblazer

Most often when I’m attempting to build an outfit, I start with one item and then I piece the outfit together from there. In this case, I started with this KILLER top from Indie {check their site out here!}– it goes with EVERYTHING, has the perfect fit, and I’m in love with the criss cross detailing on the top {and the bottom!} You can make a simple outfit with this top because it’s so easy —  black jeans, dark jeans, light jeans, cardigan, no cardigan, the options are endless, but I wanted to spice it up a bit.

I decided next that I wanted to pair it with some ripped boyfriend jeans – check these out from Old Navy.} I thought they would elevate the look, and I ended up loving the way they looked with the top! The mules are also from Old Navy, as shown in the last post {go check it out if you haven’t — although surely you have!}

Finally, I paired it with the blazer to end all blazers, it’s the softest, simplest, and best fitting blazer that I ever did see. This one in particular is from Wildfox and I purchased it at yep, you guessed it, Suite One! It has a criss cross half open / half closed back that made me fall in love.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, GO ENJOY some margaritas on the patio and think of me. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram {@rightupouralley}.



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