Easy Breezy

Happy Sunday, and Happy Mothers Day if you’re a mother {either a mother of actual babies or of fur babies, I give full credit to both!}

I typically don’t sleep in very late, but I got an extra early wake up call this morning from my husband. He’s at the lake this weekend helping getting everything summer-ready and decided 6:30 would be a good time to call – I had other thoughts. It’s actually good that I got up a bit earlier this morning, since now I can finish cooking for mother’s day brunch. I made a batch of homemade Raspberry Sweet Rolls yesterday – check the recipe out here! – and now I need to let them come to room temperature and start cooking the breakfast potatoes. The clock is ticking until brunch time – and the mimosa bar! 

Whether you’re going out to brunch/lunch, going out to dinner, or staying in and cooking brunch like we are for mothers day, I have an outfit that might meet the cut. I always like to be comfortable while still dressing up a little bit. This outfit is every bit comfortable, cute, and you can add your own personal flair to the look.

GV5A3752 striped shirt2

striped shirt1


This outfit can be changed up in many ways. Add a blazer for an edgier look, ditch the boyfriend jeans and add a pair of dark skinny jeans, or add a long, cozy cardigan for a more relaxed feel. As for the shoes, there’s really not a whole lot that wouldn’t work with this outfit. My favorite part is the deep V in the back, which is kind of been a running theme with my lately. The spring like colors could easily be toned down to transition into fall.

Top: Suite One Boutique   Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy   Shoes: Suite One Boutique

Well it’s time for me to get back to work {the kitchen waits for no one} Don’t forget to tell your mom how much you love her!



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