Don’t judge a book by the cover

Good morning, friends, and happy Sunday to you! Can you believe May is halfway over?

May is the month every year that our social life tends to grow by leaps and bounds. May means graduations. May means weddings. May means Memorial Day and the start of lake season. May means engagement parties. May means baby showers. Or at least May tends to kickoff the season for all of these things. With everything that goes on between May and the end of summer, you tend to need a few dressier outfits than the jeans and a cute sweater that you can get away with in the winter {because it’s just too dang cold for anything else..} Sometimes I tend to have a hard time finding the perfect dress to wear to different occasions during late spring / summertime. Here’s a few thoughts that come to my mind when I’m shopping. Is this too casual?” “Well, is this one too formal?” “Does this look too close to white, I can’t wear that to a wedding..” “Do these colors look too pre-teen?” “Is that fabric too thick?” 

You get the point.

This year I had no trouble finding the perfect dress for several occasions. Where did I score this great buy? Hanger Management here in Fort Smith, AR {check them out on Facebook here or find them on instagram — @shophangermanagement}. You all know that I love to shop local, and this boutique is a godsend for my whole family {my mom and my sister are just as obsessed with Natalie’s stuff as I am!} Let me tell you a quick story about this dress that my sister and I have deemed “the magic dress” . 

My sister and I were shopping at the grand opening, and while perusing the racks {with a glass of champagne in hand…can’t beat that!} we both looked at this dress on the rack and thought “Hmm..not really our taste..pass.” Then we looked over and saw Natalie, the owner, wearing the same dress that we had just thought didn’t look flattering on the hanger and the dress looked absolutely incredible. I mean this dress, y’all, I’m not even kidding, looked like a completely different dress than what it looked like on the hanger. When I tried it on, I knew it was love at first site {my sister knew that too..and quickly made plans to borrow it. What are sisters for?} Moral of the story? Don’t judge something by what it looks like on the hanger. Be brave and try on — you never know what will end up shocking you.










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