So Clutch


I’m not sure about you all, but where I’m located, it seems as if winter has made a comeback. Although I do enjoy cuddling up under my blanket in the mornings, I’m not a fan of pulling my sweaters back out…especially when I’ve been preparing for lake season. There’s just something wrong with wearing long sleeves while cleaning the boat. It’s just not right.

Remember when I said that we started going out and getting more social towards the summer? Well the business of our summer schedule has already started {despite this unfortunate cold snap..}

When we go out for a stroll around downtown, or go to a wedding, or to a concert {you get the idea…}, I can’t stand toting around my heavy MK purse. Although I love, love, LOVE this bag, it just gets in the way and I’m always afraid I’ll set it down somewhere and forget about it.

Enter the envelope bag.

First and foremost, this bag has the cutest gold chain ever.  It’s not so long that the bag hangs to my knees {yes, I’ve had handbags with that problem..or maybe it’s my shortness causing the problem..} and it’s not so short that I can’t wear the bag crossbody. This clutch is my favorite – out of all that I own, I am always drawn to this one.

An added benefit? The pop of color adds dimension to anything I pair it with and surprisingly matches with everything I own. I bought this clutch about two years ago at Suite One, but you can find similar bags here at J.Crew or even  here at Amazon! { alert!!  These amazon bags are only $9 – and look at all of the colors!! I’m going to pick out a few of these for myself!}





Because life happens, I thought I would share this funny story…right after my sister and I did this blog shoot, I went home, ready to change clothes into pajamas and eat take out while watching a movie with the husband, so in my rush to get comfy, I tossed this clutch to a chair and I missed. I ended up breaking the chain off on this clutch – I was heartbroken!

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