A dash of this and a sprinkle of that

Today’s post is going to be different – it’s going to be one part apology, with a dash of an excuse explanation, and a sprinkle of a unique twist from my normal posts!

Let me just jump right in to the apology segment of today’s post. I am so sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I aim to post at least once, but usually twice, per week, and so far, I’ve met that goal and had every intention of keeping that up. I even planned out my posts in advance, and I knew which post would go which day – I had a whole month of plans.

So where’s the goods, you ask? Why have I not been posting? Where are these so called great blog posts that I’ve been going on about? It’s actually a funny story – and I have a witness to corroborate my story!

It all started two Sunday’s ago. The hubby was at the lake, I woke up early, caffeinated, and made myself presentable for a fun blog photo shoot with the best sister-friend / blog photographer a girl can have, and off we went to take pretty much the best photos you ever did see. They were magical. I’m talking these pictures could have ended up in a magazine! {I may be slightly exaggerating here..but you’ll never know by how much..because it’s about to get real}.

I got a text from my sister/bff/blog photog stating that unfortunately, the little card thingamajig that had all of the pictures on it is missing! We lost the most epic photo shoot that there ever was! To add to the matter, I left to go out of town right after, so we didn’t get the opportunity to recreate this glorious session. But never fear! Plans are in the works to rectify this matter and recreate the amazingness that was this blog shoot. Problem solved, just be patient with us {we’re new at this!} Mix this with a potential concussion after this weekend’s memorial trip to the lake house and I’ve hit the procrastination jackpot.

Since I’m saving the other post ideas for once we recreate the blog shoot, I decided to take you down a new path for today’s blog post..I mean I didn’t want to leave you guys completely empty handed potentially next week, so let’s see if you like this topic..if you don’t, let me know in the comments below and I’ll refrain from future posts like this.

Do you ever find yourself getting so busy and wrapped up in the everyday trappings of life that you don’t make time for the things that are truly important? Better yet, what makes you snap back to reality?

I’ll tell you a little story. This may seem miniscule to some {okay, probably most..} but my husband and I are extremely close. We love doing things together, even if it’s going to the grocery store, or the hardware store, you get the point. When we get off of work, we sit down with a glass of wine {or a beer…or a whiskey drink..or..} and we talk about our day as well as discuss upcoming week plans to see how we can coordinate our schedules to maximize time together {if you don’t do the same, I recommend it. It’s our favorite time of day!} We talk about anything from funny things that happened at work, to what we want to do that weekend, to what appointments do we have for the week, etc.

One of those “small little things” that we like to do together is going to Charles’ haircuts together {fun fact, Charles and I get our hair done by the same guy – shoutout to our MVP Curtis Miller!} Charles’ haircuts usually only take about 20 minutes and the hair shop is downtown, so we like to make a night of it – we gab with Curt while he is cutting Charles’ hair, and then Charles and I usually venture out and about in downtown Fort Smith, typically grabbing a beer from a local distillery, Core Brewery, and then going to eat dinner somewhere downtown {since it’s not close to our house and we don’t get down there much}. It’s always a blast, and I look forward to those nights.

Life has gotten hectic lately, with weddings and work and the lake and new babies in the family, friend’s going through tough times, and just overall life, and Charles’ and I have been missing each other in passing a lot lately. I didn’t realize this was happening until I got home one night last week, started prepping dinner, and then looked at my husband – he had gotten his hair cut. Not only did I not get to accompany him – but I didn’t even know he was getting his haircut at all, or even that he needed one. How had I missed something – albeit a minor something – so precious to me?

That was all it took to snap me back into reality – it’s time to start sitting down together more and cherishing times we have together – unplugged! I challenge you all to do the same, even if it’s by starting small, like no cell phones during dinner, or no cell phones for an hour after you get home from work, or 30 minutes before bed. It makes a difference.

Let me warn you: Some of the photos below aren’t professional quality, but I wanted you to get a little glimpse of the sweetness that is our marriage, because it’s more precious to me than anything in the world. Whether you are married, in a long term relationship, engaged, or feeling those wonderful “new relationship” feels, take time to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of being together and enjoying life fully — or even if you’re single, this advice still applies.






I’m already looking forward to the next time my husband needs a haircut. I’m hoping it’s soon!


2 thoughts on “A dash of this and a sprinkle of that

  1. Life is all about what you make it. In your case you see how wonderful each other are and enjoy each other’s company. My wish for you is that you never lose that feeling and always stay true to your own advice.


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