Prints worthy of Paradise

Why are parties / gatherings / get together in the summer so much more glamorous than during other months? Think about it. Summer parties have themes. Summer parties have fun locations. Summer parties have better booze!  Havana Nights, Night Under the Stars, Christmas in July, it’s all just so much more fun!

I found this dime of a dress below from a boutique, Stay Fierce {go check them out here – you know you want to!}, and it’s becoming a staple in my closet. So far, I’ve worn it with a dress on it’s own, as a dress with a blazer, and with a fun sweatshirt pulled over top. {I’ve also had a sister threaten to steal it…that’s when you know it’s a good find!} If I could get away with wearing this every day, I probably would…

It’s actually a funny story. My husband was home and got the package that contained this beautiful dress and brought it in to me. I ripped open the package immediately to try it on, and it was love at first sight. I ran into the kitchen where I found Charles {smart, handsome, AND HE CAN COOK!} and did a twirl for him, and do you know what he said? “Wow babe, I really like that dress, it’s so short, you always wear long dresses, it’s not fair!” He was, of course, referring to the insane amount of maxi dresses that I own and wear on a regular basis.

It’s been a long week for me, with being on call for work and getting late night phone calls, still having to work all day and cook dinner / clean the house, and still be the ravishing, smiling creature you have all come to know and love {HA!}. Even though it’s been a long week for me, I wanted to spoil all of you with T-R-E-A-T-S! 

Go visit Stay Fierce Boutique – link above – right now and enter PROMO CODE “RightUpOurAlley” for 20% off of your purchase! Yes, 20% off. Don’t check your calendars, I promise, it’s not April Fools Day – this is not a drill.











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