The All Day, Everyday dress

Once upon a time, I had a dream that all dresses would be created equal. That all dresses would be a wonderful fabric, fit in all the right places, and be appropriate for all occasions.

Yeah, that must have been a dream, because girls have searched high and low and that dress does. not. exist. 

Or so I thought.

A few weeks ago, a local shopping center was having a sidewalk sale {and if there is the word sale, you’ll probably find me there..} and it was one of the rare weekends that I had with no plans, no commitments, and was in town! I decided to make a morning of bee bopping around town {did I mention Charles was playing in a golf tournament that morning so I literally had a whole morning to myself?!} and doing “Michele like” things. I woke up to a glorious spring morning, bright sun shining on my face with not a cloud in the sky, and ventured to the local farmers market with my windows down and blaring country music. I got fresh flowers and vegetables for the week, then ventured to the sidewalk sale!

Not only did i snag some amazing bath bombs and bath salts from a local soap shop at the sale, but I moseyed on over to Hanger Management {on instagram! @shophangermanagement! Lookie here! } and there it was, in all it’s glory, just hanging there begging for me to try it on.

I kept a level head when I saw it on the hanger, I kept my cool, because we all know that sometimes, no matter HOW PERFECT something is on the hanger, it’s never what you expect when you try it on. I hate to break it to you, but this dress was even more than i had imagined it would be. It was flowy. It made the girls look good {let’s be honest…that’s a must. You’re lying if you say you don’t take that into consideration…lying.} It had a wonderful fabric. It can me worn for multiple occasions.

This dress, y’all, is a grocery getting dress. This dress is a pool cover up. This dress is a concert dress. This dress works for pictures. This dress works for barbecues. This dress works for date night. This dress works for girls night. This dress works for work. Are you getting the picture? I have a concert at an outdoor venue this Friday, and yes, you guessed it right, this dress will be coming with me!

GV5A4827 copy

GV5A4833 copy

GV5A4834 copy

GV5A4843 copy

GV5A4850 copy

GV5A4854 copy

GV5A4860 copy

GV5A4863 copy

GV5A4867 copy

GV5A4871 copy

GV5A4874 copy

GV5A4875 copy


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