Holy {Tony} Moly

As has been a recurring theme in my life {and I’m sure your lives as well} lately, summer = BUSY. Summer means being in the sun, in being constantly on the go. Summer means sweaty, oily faces. Summer means late nights and early mornings. And I may be the only one who is brave enough to say this, but…

Summer means sometimes forgetting to take your makeup off before you go to bed {I’ll raise my hand on this one..Sadly I have been a repeat offender this summer..I KNOW – it’s bad}.

Now before everyone decides to lay on my guilt trip all thick {doesn’t she know that sleeping in your makeup ages you by 35 days? Doesn’t she know it will break you out and clog your pores?} – YES! I know. But LIFE, people, LIFE happened. I also have to let you in on the fact that I generally wash all of my makeup off before bed, it’s not like I make a habit of it if I can avoid it.

Now I know if I have this struggle, and I know I’m not the busiest girl in the bunch, then I’m sure you all are prone to falling into the same habit I am {all the momma’s in the room, say I, because I know falling asleep in your makeup has happened to each and every one of you.}

Well, like clockwork, it never fails that of COURSE I started breaking out. Not only that, but my skin feels oily and clogged at the same time – does that even make sense? How about “yuck”…my skin has just felt “yuck” and my under eye circles lead people to believe that I’m up raging all night {which would be totally the case if I could stay awake past 9:30..}

Lucky, I have a secret weapon to help me, and now to help YOU too! Have you ever heard of Tony Moly? If you haven’t, walk RUN to your nearest Ulta and head over to the facial product aisle to see for yourself. Tony Moly is a South Korean beauty product company that is slowly making its way into the US. If you know me at all, then you know that I love face masks! I love face masks during a hot bath, I love face masks fresh out of the shower, I love face masks after I’ve had a long day, I love face masks on Sunday nights, I love face masks on hot days, I love face masks on Friday nights in my favorite pair of pajamas{I love face masks on a boat, I love face masks in a moat…}

My favorite part of these face masks? They aren’t in a tube! I’m a very fickle gal, if I buy a huge tube of face mask, I get sick of the same one giving me the same result day after day. A woman needs some variety!  These face masks come in individual packages and target different things – pore care, brightness issues, elasticity, under eye patches, dry skin, oily skin, you name it, they’ve got it. Most of the package is in Korean {uhh..I can’t read most of it} but there is a small section on the back with English instructions to help all us American folks out.

The best part is, I can use one for pore care on Monday, and then on Thursday after a day in the sun, I can use the aloe mask. There are individual packages, so I don’t have to commit to one mask that I could potentially hate. AND THEY ARE ONLY $3! Lucky for me, I have a very patient husband, and he’s let me try a few of the masks for dryness on his face. I’m pleased to announce that these masks are husband approved! {Charles is going to kill me for posting that}

I challenge you to be like me and grab a few of these at a time and keep them stockpiled in your bathroom face product drawer. Have a strong case of the Mondays? Grab a face mask {and wine}. Taking a bubble bath? Grab a face mask {…and wine}.

IMG_8064 IMG_8066



One thought on “Holy {Tony} Moly

  1. Ok I will run to Ultra and buy the face mask product you recommend but for the record I have never (and I repeat NEVER) gone to bed with makeup on! Just saying!


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