The after-vacation hangover

Happy Wednesday, my friends, and I hope you had as wonderful of a Fourth of July holiday as I did! Am I the only one who comes back from long weekends and is completely & utterly exhausted? I can’t even get back into a normal schedule until the next week. I’m serious! It goes a little something like this {feel free to chime in if any of this sounds familiar..}

Upon returning home, you start unpacking your bags and get the dirty clothes into the laundry {you know what they say about a sunday well spent..} You begin to make your grocery list..nahh, who needs groceries on a Sunday when you just got back into town? You’ll just swing by the grocery store tomorrow after work!You decide that it’s already after 12pm and laundry and cleaning are much easier when you’re in pajamas..and since you aren’t going to the grocery store anymore, pajamas and no bra are the perfect combination! The hair goes up into a bun. You unpack your makeup bag, throw your clothes into the washer, hang up the clothes you totally-intended-to-but-never actually wore,  and then you sit down o the couch. A couch has never felt SO GOOD…and you have shows to catch up on! You decide to watch at least one episode before changing over the laundry. Well two..crap, three…aaaand here comes the nap. You wake up groggily to your husband and your dogs snoring beside you, so you decide to stay put {I wouldn’t want to wake them, would you? That would be selfish.} Your husband finally wakes up and is STARVING. Crap, you didn’t go to the store. Take out it is! 7pm? Wow you’re beat, now it’s time to lay in bed, I mean after all you have to work in the morning and you’re not on your normal time schedule. You wake up the next morning, angry at the world and your alarm clock, and you slowly get ready. You go and try to find something to wear and — AH forgot to put that load of laundry in the you have to rewash! You end up going to work looking like a slob, and it’s the longest work day ever. You really just need to go home and take a nap, you’re so worn out! I mean you worked hard. You take a small nap and – oh crap, you were supposed to grocery shop. Well it’s too late now, you’ll just do it tomorrow. TAKE OUT FOR THE WIN! You’ll get your act together tomorrow, you promise. Repeat for the rest. of. the. week.

Welcome to my week after fourth of july. I won’t lie to you, this is usually how my life goes after any weekend trip or any holiday. This week? No exception. I mean well, honest I do, but LIFE, you guys, LIFE. After this long week, i’m ready for a fun filled weekend. My nephew Liam is having his first birthday party, and I cannot wait to see all of the cute little kiddies running around!

This weekend also brings in an event that I am SO stinking excited for — ALES FOR TRAILS! Now you probably know that I’m from a semi-small town in Arkansas, and we don’t have a whole lot of things that go on in this town that our patrons get excited about – not necessarily for lack of events planned, but often times for lack of community involvement! I am hoping that the tides will turn soon, and who can stay home when such a FUN event is going on this weekend at our riverfront park? This park is right by the river, has a nice stage, walking trails, party rooms, pretty much everything you need. My friends Griffin and Casey are hosting this event, Ales for Trails, in order to raise money and awareness for more trails in our great city. Live music, a beer tasting tent, food trucks…who could resist? For more information on this event, check them out here!

In honor of the event, I thought I would take some fun pictures from the Riverfront Park here in Fort Smith. in the most easy breezy dress a girl could own!

Dress: Suite One         Shoes: Shoe Carnival         Shades: Suite One

GV5A4795 copy

GV5A4799 copy

GV5A4802 copy

GV5A4806 copy

GV5A4812 copy


One thought on “The after-vacation hangover

  1. Whew! I am so glad I was laying on my couch when I read this blog post. I am exausted just reading about what you did in one day. I need a nap! 😊😴


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