Once you go Mac, you won’t go back

I’m probably the last twenty something year old that hasn’t hadn’t tried Mac makeup. I usually stuck to my makeup holy trinity: Tarte, Urban Decay, and Make Up Forever. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…or something like that. But I began to get into a makeup rut. I was using the same products – repeatedly – for years. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using the same tried-and-true products, but you’ll begin to get into a rut. Like I did. And it makes you feel that “well I guess this is as good as it’s going to get…my makeup will always look like this.”

Don’t worry. I’ve been there. I WAS there. Just last week, in fact. I was stuck in the same old, same old. And you can get stuck in your routine for a number of reasons. Here’s a few of mine, see if you’re in the same boat that I usually get myself into:

You’re Comfortable with the appearance. Whether you have oily skin and found a nice, mattifying thicker foundation, or if you have dry skin and have finally found a nice hydrating foundation that doesn’t flake, you get comfortable in something that finally works! I have extremely oily skin, and it typically takes me several “trial and error” foundations before I find the right one. Either a foundation is too thin and I have to put on three layers before it even begins to look right, or it slips off my oily face before lunch! When I finally find one that works, I tend to stick with it for some time. {4 years on Make Up Forever Matte Velvet, now a year on Tarte Amazonian Clay}.

You’re Comfortable fitting the product into your budget plan. Because let’s face it – makeup’s not cheap, y’all! If you’re going to buy a high end brand of makeup, you’ll be looking {at least} in the $15 dollar range for less expensive items {such as eyeliner, lip gloss, single eyeshadows} and into the $40-$50 dollar range for the more expensive items {foundations, eye shadow pallets, etc.} When you get comfortable paying $32 for a high end foundation, only to switch to a new one that’s $42, you cringe. Ten dollars is a big difference for 1 fl oz worth of product – but the payoff can be worth the extra pennies.

You’re Comfortable with the application. Every eyeshadow, every foundation, every mascara, every eyeliner, every bronzer, are not made equal. Some eyeshadows are so pigmented they go on your eyes with ease, and some you have to build. You can get comfortable stuck in the habit of only needing to buff a color into your eye crease with a few whisks of the brush, only to find your new eyeshadow takes you ten minutes to apply.

What made me dare to try MAC was my friend Natalie {owner of Hanger Management – check them out on insta!} I asked what cheek color she wore — her cheeks are always the PERFECT color, and I was getting a little bit tired of using NARS orgasm {don’t get me wrong, I’ll ALWAYS LOVE that color, but I just needed something new!} Come to find out, what she wears on her cheeks is a MAC product! I immediately went to the MAC counter and I want to share with you the items that I picked up.

I got the opportunity to play around with all items I purchased this weekend, so I can give you a true, 100% valid and honest opinion of how they work for me. I’m in no way affiliated with MAC, so these opinions are all my own. I was trying to get ready for an event Saturday night, so I was slowly trying to play around with my makeup and take my time getting ready while drinking an over 21 beverage and listening to music. Do any of you do this sometimes? Just take your time to leisurely get ready and play with makeup? It’s a real treat for me. I thought I had plenty of time, since my husband was taking a nap, so I’m about halfway through when he comes waltzing into the bathroom. “Hey, we are picking up some friends, you need to be ready in 20 minutes..” TWENTY MINUTES? Who does he think I am? A magician? I’m TRYING to play with my new makeup, here! Luckily, I’ve gotten some more time since then to really dig into these products, so I’m going to {hopefully briefly} tell you my opinions. Maybe you should get a snack..or a beer..or something while you finish reading this. This is already a long post. You’ll be glad you have it. {Also, since my sister/photographer and I are busy working on a fun mini-series for you all, these pictures were taken with my iPhone…throwing that out to the blog world…}



MAC PREP + PRIME Skin Base Visage

I was a bit hesitant about this product, thinking it would have too much shimmer. This product claims to eliminate skin redness {I’ll raise my hand to having that} while evening your skin tone and adding radiance. The radiance word made me nervous. Once your moisturizer dries {COMPLETELY – The golden rule of makeup application..don’t apply anything to your face until your previously applied product is COMPLETELY DRY. This goes for moisturizer, primer, foundation..} you are to apply this to your face. A little goes a long way. I feared it would be too oily, but it was a thicker consistency {praise the Lord!} and the shimmer, while there, was BARELY there. I was so pleased! It added a bit of radiance, just as it claimed, without me looking like I did my makeup at Claire’s. You seriously have to look hard for the shimmer. It actually makes your face look a bit airbrushed. For a quick run to the grocery store, you could get away without even wearing foundation, just wearing this. Overall opinion? TOP KNOTCH.


MAC MasterMatch Concealer in shade 7.0

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to contour, I need a liquid contouring stick as opposed to a powder bronzer. It. Just. Goes. On. EASIER! Plus I find that it’s more controllable and I don’t end up looking too fake-and-bake. Unfortunately, MAC hasn’t come out with a contour / highlighter stick yet {don’t fret – they are launching one this year!} so I decided to go for the MasterMatch concealer in a darker shade to use as my contour color. HOLY CREAMY! I’m debating getting this concealer in my actual shade so that I can use it under my eyes since it applies so butter-cream-like…is that a thing? I just take a contour brush and blend it right in and it is so malleable, it moves wherever I tell it to move. Let me reiterate, this is creamy. Ideal for dry skin – but even on my oily skin, it works wonders.


MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly”

If you haven’t tried a Paint Pot from MAC…well don’t beat yourself up, because the first time I tried it was Saturday. BUT YOU NEED TO TRY ONE…RIGHT NOW! Essentially, the MAC Paint Pots are eyelid primers – some have a tint to them, like the tinted primer potions from Urban Decay, and some are neutrals designed to either act as a neutral base to even out eyelid color and act as a primer to get eyeshadow to stick, or even to act as a neutral eye shadow when you’re short on time. Having oily skin means that even my eyelids are oily, and shadows tend to slip off of me. I can say with all confidence that my eyeshadow stayed put ALL SATURDAY NIGHT – and I was at an outdoor event in high heat and humidity for about 5 hours. Now if that’s not a success to you, I don’t know what is!


MAC MAC-nificent Me Eyeshadow Pallet in “Dusky Rose”

Confession time: I wanted to get a different color. I almost DID get a different color. My eyes just always beeline straight for the browns and taupes of the eyeshadow world. The MAC attendant convinced me that with my eye color {blue!} that I should try the dusky rose pallet because it would make my eyes stand out. Boy, am I glad I listened to her! I have enough browns, but these gorgeous matte mauve colors were just what I needed to change things up. Again, I was stuck in a rut, what did I think changing to a different brand would do if I didn’t switch it up a bit? She told me that most people tend to get in the comfort zone with brown colors due to being afraid to venture out..but it’s kind of like wearing an unflattering outfit. Yeah, it will cover you up and the outfit itself might be very pretty, but if it doesn’t suit your features, it will do nothing for you. This pallet is extremely pigmented, so if you’re used to having to layer up eyeshadow for a desired effect, trust me, you will NOT have to with this pallet. If you’re heavy handed, beware. You can get too much too fast if you’re not careful.



MAC Powder Blush in “Dame”

Here it is! The product that made me want to test out Mac! I’ll be the first to admit, I have quite the heavy hand when it comes to blush…maybe subconsciously on purpose, maybe not, you’ll never know. I love NARS orgasm, but I wanted to try the beautiful Dame blush. This blush does require a little bit of building, which I needed, since I have such heavy hands. It does have the most beautiful coloring. I have more olive skin, but I believe that it would work on those of you who have lighter skin tones. Please excuse the awful hand picture, but i wanted you to see what the color looked like on skin. Give me a break, I took this with my iPhone.



I can’t wait to dig into more MAC products now. Leave a comment with the product you just saw that you want to try the most!


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