Emily Ley and her wonderful world of Planners

I may not be the most organized person in the universe, or even in my family, but out of my friends, I’m pretty organized. I rarely forget things, I am great with time, I’m hardly ever late {and even if I am, it’s only by a few minutes..} I’m a planner. By nature. It’s hard for me to plan things last minute, I want a plan upfront because I get anxious with last minute details. Charles has helped me become a bit more spontaneous, but for the most part, I’m a “I need a plan” kind of person. Just ask my friends, who I’m sure I drive up a wall.

It used to be so easy for me to plan ahead and remember things, because my friends would rarely have anything that they would plan ahead. I have a lot of “go with the flow” friends, and I never had to worry about marking things on my calendar too far in advance, since they simply didn’t plan that far out. Thus, I never really needed a planner.

Well, that streak in my friends lives is over. The honeymoon has ended, and now, they’re all joining my plan ahead party. That’s great, right?

WRONG. So wrong. In the past month, Charles has had to remind me of not one, but TWO events that I have completely forgotten about. Out of sight, out of mind, and my head has been elsewhere. Do you know how much teasing I’ve gotten from my husband about how he’s had to remind ME, when typically it’s the other way around? It’s endless. I knew I had to rectify this problem immediately. I knew I had to get a planner. I’m a pad and paper kind of gal. My husband doesn’t understand.. “I just bought you an apple watch..THAT IS your planner”…wrong again, sweetheart, so wrong, that is NOT my planner.

My friend Kaci owns the sweetest paperie and gift store around: Paperwerk {check them out on instagram here!} She carries Emily Ley planners, and I thought “Hey, I need a planner, and I’ve heard great things, so why not give this one a shot?” Little did I know how much I was going to love it. Here’s a few of my favorite components about the planner:

  • the sturdy medal binding — I carry planners / notebooks / etc with me in my purse..i’d like to say that I’m gentle on them, but who am I kidding, I always end up ruining it.  This binding doesn’t budge.
  • the gold plated corners — because if you can carry around a notebook in your purse without bending the corners, I will accuse you of witchcraft
  • the colorful tabs for the months — because..it’s fun
  • the inspirational quotes on the top of the pages — because we all have our days..
  • the hourly breakdown — each day has an hourly breakdown so you can fill in hour by hour what you have going on. It also has a spot where you can write what you’re having for dinner, as well as a spot for a to do list and a note space. {I’m especially thankful for the dinner slot…it never fails, I buy all the ingredients and then forget what I was going to cook!}
  • the sunday recap — on each sunday page, it has a space for you to write a happy memory from that week – HOW FUN IS THAT? I can’t wait to look back and see what I wrote each week. This is going to be my weekly goal. It also has a spot for your upcoming weekly prep on sundays {ex plan meals, tidy up, write tasks}

This planner is truly what it says it is – a SIMPLIFIED planner. It breaks everything down so you can be uber organized, but it isn’t confusing and you won’t get lost in all of the page content.

Check out more of Emily Ley’s planners on her website and check out the designs that fit your personality! Or, better yet, go to Paperwerk and support local businesses! {I hear you get a free Le Pen if you purchase a planner!}








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