Easy like Sunday morning

I’ve come to learn that whether you’re going through a rough time in your life, whether you’re stressed out to the max, whether you’re not feeling well, or whether you’re fit as a fiddle and everything in your life is going perfectly, one thing will always remain the same:

When you get home from work after a tiresome and long day, you want to get as comfortable as possible. It’s a fact. Home is a place of comfort, it’s a place where you can relax and replenish. As soon as I get home, the work clothes come off, the comfy clothes go on, and the hair goes into a bun. I joke around with my poor husband that he never gets to see me dolled up, because whenever we are at home together, I’m always in sweats!

Even though I love getting comfy when I get home, I typically don’t categorize myself as a t-shirt kind of person. You’ll never catch me wanting to throw on a hoodie with my favorite college on it, you won’t see me in line at concerts to buy a memorial t-shirt, It’s just really not me. {The one major exception is during Razorback season and maybe, just MAYBE you will see me in some hog related shirt..but it won’t be your typical cotton- polyster blend material shirt} Maybe it’s because I have a short neck and hoodies / high neck shirts just make me look uncomfortable and like I’m twelve, or maybe it’s the supremely uncomfortable fabric that keeps me at bay, but regardless, I just never have the feeling of “I need to run to the grocery store, let me throw on this t-shirt.”

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against t-shirts, I have nothing against people who wear t-shirts. I, more than most, LOVE to go home from a long day and get comfortable. But for me, t-shirts just aren’t going to cut it. I need soft material, I need oversized material. Lucky for you, I’ve found a few “holy grail” comfy sweatshirts {they are lightweight! Don’t worry!} that are cute enough to wear around town but cozy enough to cuddle in at home. You know when you see those movies where the leading lady has the most perfect sweatshirt when she’s at her house just lounging? The perfect sweatshirt that doesn’t make her look bulky or frumpy, but casual and relaxed? I think I found the exact one that they were wearing.

Ladies / gentleman / anyone who is reading right now, I introduce to you The Weekender sweatshirt by Z Supply{check this sweatshirt out here}. Maybe it’s exhaustion, or maybe I’m just this corny, but it makes me want to go all Dr. Seuss…I would wear this sweatshirt in a boat, I would wear this sweatshirt with a coat, I would wear this sweatshirt in the mall, I would wear this sweatshirt to a ball…

I’ll stop now {but just know I COULD keep going!}

In all seriousness, I was so obsessed with this sweatshirt when I bought it a few days ago in the olive color that I went out and bought it in the grey color less than 24 hours later….and I’m probably going to get the dark gray/navy-ish…color as well, don’t think I’m scared. As an added bonus, I picked this up at a local boutique called Hazel’s Haven{check them out here!} and scored this sweatshirt for $38.50!       {WAIT…………….. so you’re telling me I can SHOP LOCAL and SAVE. MONEY?} Hazel’s Haven has proved it possible.

Since it’s been such a wild ride this week, I only took a few pictures in this sweatshirt, but you can see more on Hazel’s Haven’s Instagram, as well as on the Z Supply website. Next week, you’ll see a fun collaboration post with my talented sister, which will be the first segment in my Shop Local, A Guide to Fort Smith, Arkansas series that I’ll be running for the next couple of months. Stay tuned, and stay in touch!




This picture is purely to show you the slit in the sides of the top — So adorable




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