Gift Ideas || Shop Local Baskets

The time has finally come! Welcome to the opening segment on my Live Local series. I’m sure you all know that I live in a small town with large character {and history!} I know it’s easy for people to get caught up in chains = chain clothing stores, chain restaurants, chain grocery stores, chain everything. Why? Ask five people you know and they will probably all give you different reasons: It’s more cost effective, it’s more convenient, more variety, etc.

Or so they might think.

Again, I live in a small town. We have quite a bit of chain type eateries and shopping hot spots – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but we have so much more to offer. There’s a lot of push right now in Fort Smith, Arkansas {where I live} to change the dynamic, to make our small town with large character come alive. When you shop local, you are supporting your community. You are helping a family build a life. You are most likely supporting someone’s long-time dream. How great is that? It’s not the rich getting richer, it’s a family getting by.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite Fort Smith stops – places to eat, places to shop, places to visit, places to party get the idea. Get ready to Live Local, because that’s our game for quite a while here on RightUpOurAlley.

Before I start that series, I thought I would kick it off by showing you a Shop Local Basket that my sister made as prizes for her monthly girls / bunco night. We were trying to figure out what she should do, when we had the “aha” moment – why not make a little basket with some cute and fun items from local businesses? These would also work as gifts for friends, stocking stuffer ideas, “pick me ups” for if a friend is going through a rough time, or even to keep on hand for a last minute birthday present you forgot about. These baskets are also cost effective — nothing was more than a few dollars. {Don’t some of you have kids starting school next week? Cough cough, teacher gifts, anyone?} Don’t forget to add a little card explaining where everything is from — that way, you can hopefully turn new people onto places they’ve never heard of and then they too can start supporting local businesses.










I hope you love these baskets as much as Nikki and I do. Don’t forget to post pictures of all of your #LiveLocal finds, so hopefully I can find some new local loves!


2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas || Shop Local Baskets

  1. How easy is it to just keep some of these things on hand for last minute gifts, teacher gifts, or even for gifts if a friend is going through a rough time and needs some cheering up? Inexpensive and helps support local businesses!


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