Live Local FS  || Where to COFFEE

Ever wonder why it always seems to rain at the most inconvenient of times? When you’re sitting at work and it starts pouring, all you’re thinking is “Why do I have to be at work right now? I could have slept in for hours with this nice rain. I could have had quality couch and blanket time today!” Yeah, I have those days too. But then when it decides to rain on the weekend, when I actually have the option to sleep in, I get upset. “Seriously?! It decides to rain NOW? I have errands to run. I wanted to drink on a patio! Why can’t it rain while I’m at work?” 

Just to be clear, I am undoubtedly aware that I have one of these two thoughts every time it rains, and I realize how ridiculous I sound. Nevertheless, this is my thought process, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t get those same thoughts stuck in your heads too.

Today is a rainy Saturday. We are at the lake, and if you’re friends with me and follow my personal Instagram, you know how much I love being on the boat and taking sunset pictures. We haven’t been to the lake in a month {life, why are you so busy?!} and we are so ecstatic to be here, but when it’s raining, sunset pictures on the boat don’t seem in the works. But for once? I don’t even mind the rain. I’m sitting here, sipping my coffee, writing this post {on my iPhone.. Because I forgot there’s no wifi at the lake!}, listening to the hard + pouring rain, my husband is asleep, the dogs are fighting over a toy, and we are about to cuddle up with a movie. I really can’t hate on this Saturday, especially with how hectic my life has been lately, and how hectic life will be in the coming weeks. 

You know what else is amazing about rainy Saturday’s? Coffee Shops. What a perfect time to throw on comfy clothes, grab a book, and head to a local coffee shop and read while you sit and smell the atmosphere. Yes, I said smell, coffee shops smell amazing. Don’t judge me.

Since we are starting up our #LiveLocalFS mini series, I thought I would share my two favorite local coffee shops with you.

First up, we have Sweet Bag Coffee Co. {check them out Here!} If you live in Fort Smith and you haven’t tried Sweet Bay, shame on you! I don’t care if you don’t like coffee, the have everything: Coffee, tea, sandwiches, soft drinks, breakfast, dessert… I can’t function without my Chocolate Chai Tea Latte. Sweet Bay’s main location is by Creekmore Park, so a lot of people will grab a coffee and head for a nice walk, especially around the holidays, where the park is strung with lights and they offer steam engine train rides! Sweet Bay also has a patio area, where local musicians go to play. Grab a coffee and a sandwich, listen to live music, you can’t beat that! 

Second up is The Coffee Cup.{check them out Here!} They are a bit newer in town, and while their menu isn’t quite as extensive, they more than make up for it in the art of coffee. If you get a latte, it will come with an extremely gorgeous foam design. I don’t care who you are, that’s just PLAIN COOL. They have recently added some sandwiches and wraps to their menu, which I haven’t tried yet, but I plan to ASAP. They, too, have live music! Bonus for the coffee cup? They are right next to another small business, Bliss Cupcakes! I love grabbing a few macaroons from Bliss, heading to The Coffee Cup, grabbing some coffee, and planning my week {in my Simplified planner from Paperwerk of course!} 

Find some time in your rainy Saturday to check out one of these two places, and if you do, you know where to find me, I accept coffee deliveries to the lake house! I’m back next week with a few more local businesses for you to check out. Comment below with your favorite drink from sweet bay or the coffee cup! 


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