Then Sings My Soul — For Paperwerk

Here’s a few things you should know about me today:

  • It is 6:30 pm and I’m sitting in bed in pj’s and very, very cozy socks from Free People {three pack for $20 at Suite One — go getcha some!}
  • The PJ’s I am currently in were purchased approximately one hour ago and they are Gillian & O’Malley, aka the softest pjs you’ll ever own, ever, bar none. {damn you Target, why do I come here? ….wait, no, I didn’t mean it, ILY.}
  • I am currently typing this out in between scanning Amazon Prime for an awesome birthday gift for my nephew, because what do you get a soon to be three-nager who has everything?
  • I almost bought a onesie with a fox on it today. Come to think of it..maybe it was a Halloween costume…we’ll never know.

I’m really not sure WHY you needed to know all of those things..but let’s just go with it, because I’m pretty sure you’re at least mildly entertained, and at the very least, I might have captured your attention long enough to talk about the next segment of my #LiveLocalFS series, and if I do say so myself, one of the places I was MOST EXCITED to post about.

Whatever town you live in, there’s always a hidden gem. A place that when you’re bored on your lunch break, or have to kill time after work, you always think “Oh! I know where I’ll go!” The place you could walk around in for hours. The place that when it opened, you thought to yourself “Why didn’t I think of this?” and “I never knew how much this town needed this place until we got it..”

For me, in the beautiful town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, this special place is Paperwerk, and I encourage you to run, DO NOT WALK, to go visit this shop. Paperwerk is a stationary, gift, & invitation shop here in Fort Smith, but it really dabbles in a little bit of everything.

I first found out about Paperwerk when the owner, the talented Kaci Singer, opened up a booth at a local business called Brick City Emporium {don’t worry..there will be more on Brick City soon!} I instantly became obsessed with her booth – from decorative pillows, the best planners, cute gifts for friends + family, and the most adorable wall art you ever did see. Kaci carries brands that you’ll probably heard of before – Rifle Paper Co, RBTL, Le Pen, and so much more that you always want to get your hands on, but don’t know where to pick it up {and let me tell you, having it all in one place makes it convenient for someone like me, who has 27 hours worth of items on her to do list and only 24 hours in a day…} From her booth, she opened her own Brick & Mortar store on Old Greenwood Road, where she housed her eclectic shop for quite some time. She has since moved to a new location – 908 S Greenwood {the corner of Rogers + Greenwood – across from the Walgreens!} and it makes my heart burst with pride to see how she has grown her business these past few years. Not all small businesses in small towns make it, but Kaci has proved that with hard work and passion, you can overcome all the odds {which is a habit I’m sure she learned from her crossfit classes! :D}

A few things I have to mention about what Paperwerk has to offer that you may want NEED to get your hands on:

  • Her plethora of cards for any occasion –> {I’m talking any occasion. Any.} And i’m not just talking about cards you can get from Target. I’m talking the cards that people don’t want to throw away because they’re so cute. Or is that just me? Moving on…
  • Her candles –> I literally SMELL good when I leave her store because of all of the amazing candles. I love candles. I am a candle…enthusiast {because addict has a bad connotation..}
  • Her personalized..well, anything –> Stationary, notepads, to do lists, you name it, she’ll hook you up. Can you say stocking stuffers? Gifts for girls nights? Wedding presents? Graduation gifts? New job presents? Everyone has to write…
  • Her gifts for any occasion –> The hand carved wooden Hog bowls? The softer-than-cashmere baby blankets? The notebooks? The adorable pillows and wall art?

I have always and WILL always support local business owners, especially those with hearts like the Paperwork owner herself, Kaci Singer.

We want to leave you with a special treat — and Kaci has SO GENEROUSLY decided to offer all of you followers 15% off of your ENTIRE PURCHASE from now until October 1st. {You know where I’ll be….} All you have to do is show this blog post at time of checkout to get the discount. I would pinch you so you knew you were awake..but it might be a little touch via the inter web.

















If you need me anytime in the next month, you know where I’ll be…



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