Let’s get crafty – Blanket Ladders!

Ok, confession time. I’ve had a crush on blanket ladders since we started seeing them pop up, but every time I got online to purchase one, my heart would sink. Most blanket ladders on the market are expensive and a lot of them didn’t have the weathered, rustic look that I sought. I was honestly starting to think that I might as well just give up on having a blanket ladder.

Maybe it was a spark of inspiration when my husband and his brother were building the new shop in our backyard, or maybe the desire to own a blanket ladder just got too strong for me to handle, but I thought, you know what? I can make one of these all by myself.

Let me first point out that I have zero knowledge in how to build things. Just ask my husband, I decided a few months back to rearrange some photos on the wall and hang some newly purchased decorations {while he wasn’t home for supervision…} and well, let’s just say our walls now look like swiss cheese in select places. I’m not sure why I thought I had the ability to build a blanket ladder, but here I am, nailing it {did you see what I did there?}

I thought I would share my blanket ladder knowledge with all of you ladies out there who are yearning after a new blanket ladder at a fraction of the cost. I spent around $20 on supplies {maybe a bit less actually..I can’t remember, but we purchased paintbrushes which a lot of you already have on hand.}

Supplies used:

  • Two 6 foot boards {you can use whatever size you like, 2×2, 2×4, 1×2, whatever suits your fancy}
  • Two dowels {I used 7/8 x 48in popular, but again, there’s many to choose from, get creative!}
  • Sand paper {make sure you use a fine grain}
  • Stain! There are so many pretty stain colors as well, but through recommendation from Pinterest, I chose Minwax Special Walnut. I was skeptical of how the color would turn out {it doesn’t look so pretty on the packaging} but people on Pinterest really seemed to love it, so I went for it {and LOVED it}
  • .screws? I’m not sure. One of these two.



Ok, so first, we shook things up here. Charles decided he wanted to hop on the blanket ladder bandwagon, got pretty hyped, and decided that I needed to make my tall boards {the sides of the ladder} with a rounded edge. This step is not necessary. However, I let him have his fun {and I was so glad that he did!} He got some funky looking tool called a router and away he went. I’ll show a picture below of the differences in what they looked like with regular edges and then the rounded edges. Charles comes in handy, ladies. Sorry that I scooped him off the market! Again, if you don’t have a Charles on hand to route your boards for you, it’s completely unnecessary. BUT if you have your very own Charles or husband that compares to Charles, then you might want to take the extra time to do it!


Moving on, now it was time to sand the boards on all sides, and then I made sure to thoroughly wipe off all of the little sand dust before I started to stain the wood, because stain is incredible sticky, y ’all. It’s no joke. I actually found that the dowels dried a lot faster than the larger boards, maybe they are different types of wood? I’m not sure. Things to think about. I decided to let mine dry overnight just to be on the safe side.



Now comes the whole “putting the ladder together” part. Let’s talk about the dowels. You can make the rungs of your ladder as long or as short as you want them to be. Some people want very small blanket ladders, some want very wide, but I wanted a middle compromise. Just make sure all of the dowels are cut to equal sizes or you’ll find yourself in quite an irritated state because then you’ll have to go repurchase more dowels, re sand them, re stain them, then play the cutting game all over again. Who has the time?

Finally, nail, screw, whatever your dowels into your boards. And voila, your very own blanket ladder has made its debut. I’m already loving the way it brings our living room together, and it was so inexpensive to make, and barely took any time to accomplish.

IMG_2943IMG_2944 (1)

I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own blanket ladders!