In the middle of September – Happy 4th wedding anniversary

It’s Monday already? All I did was blink on Friday at quitting time and yet somehow it’s already Monday. Don’t get me wrong, some weeks I’m more inclined to like Mondays. Sometimes, I’ve gotten all of my wifely duties done over the weekend – like cleaning the house, stocking up the fridge, updating Charles’ and my calendar for the week, washing the sheets, giving Cholla and Milli a bath, and even meal planning. These are the weekends that I go to bed on Sunday nights and feel ready to tackle a new work week. Clearly, this was not one of those weekends. In fact, I haven’t had one of those weekends in about six weeks, which is unheard of for me. Between friends’ weddings, moms’ accident, being out of town, and stomach bugs, it’s been a little hectic around the Alley Homefront.

I am bound and determined to make this coming weekend one of those weekends. It may seem boring to you, but when life around me is total chaos, I need to feel like everything else is in control {does this make me a control freak? Maybe..a little?} So now that I’ve told you about the weekend I didn’t have, let me tell you a little bit about the great weekend I did have.

As mentioned in my previous post, Charles and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on Thursday. We actually spent the day at work, then went and spent time at the hospital with my mom, to be followed by wing stop and popping a bottle of champagne at our house. It was surprisingly a perfect night, especially because we knew we would be getting to spend the entire weekend together at the lake..{also, how lucky am I that I have a husband who doesn’t care to spend their anniversary in a hospital room and eating take out? I’m the real winner here.}

Friday was another work day, but after work, I made the trek, dogs in tow, to meet Charles at the lake. It was perfect from the minute I arrived. We spent the evening on the deck, watching the sunset, talking and listening to Michael Buble, drinking red wine, and making my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce, and finished by watching a movie before we fell asleep.

I had every intention of “sleeping in” on Saturday, but when you work 6-3 Monday through Friday, “sleeping in” is making it to 7am. I let Charles sleep while I made breakfast {banana pancakes and bacon, mmm} and sipped on coffee while my mister slept in until around 9. We then popped a bottle of champagne and sipped on some mimosas while watching a certain team who shall not be named that broke our hearts {but we still love anyway…} We finally got out on the water and enjoyed one final day on the always breathtaking Lake Ouachita. When we got back to the house, we started cooking dinner and Charles insisted that he handle it and that I go take a hot shower and relax {to which I quickly responded with “deal”} When I got out of the shower, I was greeted with an amazing dinner of seared scallops and shrimp, truffle risotto, and Brussel sprouts au gratin. Raise your hand if you love a man who knows his way around the kitchen!

On Sunday, we packed up shop and got the pleasure of spending the day with the world’s cutest two year old nephew, Liam! We let him nap for a few hours while we attempted to unpacked and then off to the fair we went! After some fair fun, we went to a new place in town, Vargas Fruteria, and treated ourselves to some rolled ice cream! It was FANTASTIC. If you live in Fort Smith and haven’t gone, what have you been waiting for? There will be many trips in our future…

That concludes this episode of “where in the world are the alley’s,” but don’t worry, because I’ll be back soon with more. We are in the process of re-doing our living room area, and I hope {literally crossing my fingers} that I can get my coffee table finished this week in time to post this weekend about the new look of the room.

I hope you all have a quick and painless Monday, and that your week flies by!


My weekend – via iPhone

Some of you may be wondering where I have been since last year when I posted last – and some of you may already know where I’ve been. Suffice it to say, it has been a whirlwind of a past few months for us, and I’m finally ready to get back into the swing of this blogging thing.

I don’t want to waste time catching you all up on the ins and outs of the past few months {trust me, there’s nothing interesting to share, I really haven’t been up to much!} so let’s just hop right into how I’ve spent this week/weekend. Warning: This will be all from photos off my iPhone. I only decided about ten minutes ago that I was going to jump back into posting, so I didn’t know to get out the good camera – or to have my sister come take pictures! With that being said, here we go!

Honestly, this weekend has been a glorious weekend. My husband and I were BOTH in town this weekend at the same time, and didn’t have concrete plans. This may seem to most as normal or nothing to get excited about, but lately, for us, this is a “little luxury” and I intended to soak up all of this time together. We’ve been trying to take a different approach to life lately. A slower one, focused on more time together, more intimate, more calm and kept to ourselves. I stumbled across a quote the other day that embodied everything we have been feeling lately, and it’s been such an inspiration. It says “The older I get, the more I realize the value of privacy, of cultivating your circle and only letting certain people in. You can be open, honest, and real while still understanding not everyone deserves a seat at the table of your life.”  That struck a cord. Just some food for thought for your Sundays!

Let’s get right into the weekend. On Friday, it was particularly stormy, and I thought we were probably going to be stuck in for the night {which I was completely content with!} but right as Charles got home, the storm had cleared, the sun came out, and a beautiful rainbow appeared. I should have known right then that good weekend was to come. We ended up getting sushi, and I was in bed by 9:30. The end.

Saturday morning, I woke well rested and decided to head to our local farmers market with Cholla, our little min-pin. It was only the second weekend this market has been open for season, so there wasn’t a vast amount of vendors, but it was still magnificent. Look at my loot! I’m fairly certain you can smell that gorgeous mint through the computer..

We had a great time, despite the chilly weather. We went back home and made a cup of coffee and did some research on what we would need from Lowe’s to FINALLY DO SOME LANDSCAPING IN THE FRONT YARD. We had nothing. No flowers, no trees, nothing. I was blessed that Charles was willing to get out of the warm bed on a cold and windy morning to go with me to Lowe’s to pick out flowers, trees, soil, etc. We didn’t completely finish everything we needed to, but we came home, made some mimosas, and got to work on the two flower beds outside of the garage. Look at this before + after. Nothing too fancy, but a significant improvement.


I tell you what. I had more fun listening to music, drinking mimosas, and planting flowers with Charles than I’ve had in weeks. He makes me laugh, it was just the two of us, and we just had a glorious time. There’s still a lot of work to do creating a flower bed off the guest bedroom window and then doing a small flower bed around the mailbox, but we were happy with what we accomplished. Since it had rained, it was to wet to do anything besides those flower beds…{but that’s okay, that just means I get another fabulous gardening day with my handsome husband..I won’t complain!} We did, however, plant a plethora of veggie seeds and can’t wait to see how they turn out! We planted: green onions, tomatoes, cayenne peppers, jalapeños, vidalia onions, lavender, and mint!

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing a bit of grocery shopping + cleaning around the house. We grilled out steaks with friends and had a nice fire in the backyard. Take a look at some of our new additions to the house decor: The large GATHER sign and the large Letterboard are both from Paperwerk, which I’ve blogged about SO often, and much of the other decor was from Hobby Lobby. All of their items labeled “spring shop” were 40% off {and they were already fabulously priced..}

I am LOVING my new Mainstays essential oil cool mist diffuser. I purchased this at walmart and have been obsessed with Lemongrass and Grapefruit scents. I’ll put a few drops in the diffuser in the mornings and it wake me up and makes me feel refreshed. I’ll switch out of sandalwood or lavender at bedtime. Do you have a favorite essential oil? Please share if you do..

Sunday has been spent lazily drinking coffee, puppy walks, and then we are going golfing with some out of town friends {well, the boys will be golfing..I’ll be sitting in the golf cart!} 

I hope you’ve had as wonderful of a slow weekend as I have. I’ll leave with with a recent picture of the mister and myself.

FALLing in Love || Prints + Textures

Let’s just take a moment to admire my current condition: I’m sitting in my PJ’s {still} at my OWN house — high five for being home — we have all of the windows open, it still smells like last nights fire in the backyard, & I get to babysit my favorite one year old wild man tonight. Oh, and I’m on cup of coffee number 2. Oh, and the Hogs are playing Bama tonight. Oh, and I’ve got a sleeping puppy on me. I really don’t hate this day. 

My 9 week traveling spree has {almost} come to an end! I only have one or two more small weekend trips planned for the next few months, and I couldn’t be happier about it! {That being said, Nashville? You treated us WELL and we can’t wait to plan another trip..}

When we were in Nashville, there was one thing that stood out to me the most:


Don’t get me wrong, we have had a few “fall-ish” days here in Arkansas, but we pale in comparison to the amazing Nashville weather. Arkansas, you can do better. Typically, by this time, we are at least in the 70’s, so I’m hoping we can drink some of the Tennessee kool-aid and start seeing some cooler temperatures.

While in Nashville, I got to wear some amazing fall clothing pieces from my closet, and it honestly made me feel renewed. I felt good in the clothes that I was wearing. I felt confident in the clothes I was wearing. I felt comfortable in the clothes that I was wearing. It was nice to get a bit chilly during the morning and evening hours. I was in “basic girl” fall heaven. All that was missing was a PSL…

Maybe it’s the fall weather that I experienced in Nashville, maybe it’s the fact that it’s the first week in October, maybe it’s because I’m going to a pumpkin patch with my cutie pie nephew this weekend, but for whatever reason, I wanted to share some prints for fall. Some of these you may not expect to be a “fall pattern” or a “fall print,” but hey, I like them, and who’s writing the blog post here?

Since my previous last time ended up being waaaaay longer than I intended it to be, oops, my bad, I’m going to make this one short and sweet. Let’s get right into the clothes, clothes, wonderful clothes. Yes, I realize that by posting pictures of said clothes, I’m setting myself up for my sister coming over to raid my closet. I see you.




dscn5454 dscn5455





dscn5463 dscn5468





#LiveLocalFS || 25th Annual Survivors Challenge

Hopefully by now, you are all very well versed in the #LiveLocalFS series that I’m doing. I’m not sure if this ever came across quite how I intended for it to, but the whole point of the mini-series is to showcase this wonderful town that we all have the pleasure of living in. I absolutely adore this town, and I know some people don’t know a lot about Fort Smith – they may have just moved here recently, they may commute from smaller towns here to come work, or they may live in a bigger city like Fayetteville and not really see the appeal to a smaller town like Fort Smith. Well I’m here to tell you, Fort Smith is constantly surprising me with the progress it has been making lately.

Who reading this has taken part in local events recently? Please comment and let me know. We’ve had some great local events lately – let me highlight a few:

Ø  The UnexpectedFS festival {that art is incredible and makes our town vibrant!}

Ø  The Dragon Boat Races {how fortunate are we to live in a river town where we can do these fun things?}

Ø  Ales for Trails {a personal favorite…for obvious reasons}

Ø  New York in the Fort {sadly I was out of town and didn’t get to attend!}

These are all relatively newer events to Fort Smith, AR and I love each one of them. They are all unique, and they all require hard work from board members, and it requires participation from the people in our community. My heart soars when I see how the good people of Fort Smith have been showing up to support community events! Especially these new, exciting, and ambitious events. But today, I want to talk about an event that’s been around for quite some time.  For 25 years, in fact..

Let’s talk about The 2016 Survivors Challenge – The 25th ANNUAL EVENT

I remember when I was in junior high school and high school, I myself ran the 5k portion of the Survivors Challenge, and I have very fond memories of running this race. My best memory was sprinting like my life depended on it to beat a girl ahead of me during the final stretch of the race {I know you’re all dying to know, and yes, I did end up beating her – success!} I’m not a runner, not athletic at all, and certainly not a huge fan of running, but somehow I was in cross country for years & years – yes, I started because I wanted to impress a boy – don’t all teenagers do not-the-brightest things for puppy love?

Back then, I didn’t really comprehend the complexity behind this race – I went because our coaches made us. As I’ve grown older, the Survivors Challenge has grown more meaningful and even more of a staple event in our community. Have you heard of this event? Let me tell you a little bit about what the event stands for and supports.

I got the privilege of meeting with Kandice Poirier, Events Coordinator at the support house. The 2016 Survivors Challenge is going to be held the weekend of October 14th-October 15th, and is presented by The Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House. Each year, runners from all over the region gather together to participate in the Survivors Challenge, where they support the Cancer Support House. It’s an opportunity for everyone to memorialize loved ones fighting cancer, or those who are currently fighting the tough battle. This year, to commemorate the 25th YEAR {can we just pause and appreciate the support this awesome community and this important organization have given over the past 25 years? Having an event last this long is impressive and not an easy feat, and it’s all thanks to our WONDERFUL COMMUNITY!}, they are having their first annual Survivors Challenge WEEKEND! Not just a run, but a whole weekend full of festivities. The 25th Annual Survivors Challenge is also teaming up with Over The Edge to bring a rappelling challenge to all of you daredevils amongst us. Don’t worry, Over The Edge has the highest level SPRAT certification that you can possibly have – this shindig will be safe as can be!

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect this year:

FRIDAY NIGHT {October 14th,1-4PM}: 

Ø  Over The Edge VIP night –> Come out to the First National Bank in Downtown Fort Smith to watch local celebrities rappel first national bank. On Friday from 1-3 pm, the Fort Smith Fire Department will be testing the ropes to ensure everyone’s safety. Starting at 4pm, local celebrities, including Congressman Womack, Dawson Meadows, and my personal favorite, everyone’s most loved local weather man, GARRETT LEWIS, will be rappelling down the side of First National downtown. We encourage everyone to come out and watch as these brave souls make their trek down the building.

SATURDAY {October 15th}

Ø  Survivors Challenge Race –> There’s a few options for all of you athletes here. The first option is the 10k Race, beginning at 8am at the Cancer Support House. The second option {a little less scary intense, is the 5k Race & walk, starting at 8:10am The third option is the Celebration Walk, which starts at 08:20am. If you’re not up for running – you can still UNRUN and donate to the cause! You can also go to the website, found here, and see who still needs donations to meet their Over the Edge goal!

Ø  Survivors Challenge FESTIVAL, 9am until the party stops –>Now we’re talking. This sounds like my kind of party. Starting at 9am in downtown Fort Smith, the festival will have your favorite local food trucks, kegs provided by Core Brewing {hello, now we’re really talking,} and entertainment for the kids! There will be a huge inflatable tv that will be playing the AR vs. Ole Miss game, and live music by The Crumbs! You’ll also get to watch people rappel down First National Bank

Does any of this sound intriguing to you? Check out the website, found here, for more information and to SIGN UP. In order to rappel Over the Edge of First National, you have to fundraise, which you can start doing on the website above! Here’s a breakdown of what your money will get you {graphic provided by The Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House, because I’m just not that talented!}


Not wanting to rappel, but feeling like your boss should? Well, how about you TOSS YOUR BOSS!  Raise $1,500 and you can register you boss to rappel. If they are too scared, your boss will sit in the “chicken coop” on the ground, but they’ll have to raise $500 more to get out! Hmm..I can think of a few bosses of mine that might like rappel {Thank GOODNESS, it took me until this very time typing “rappel” to spell it correctly and not have autocorrect flip out..}

For signing up for these events, you’ll get a “swag bag,” and everyone loves a good swag bag.

This cause is becoming very near and dear to my heart. I will be doing a follow up post soon with a full tour of the Cancer Support House in an effort to give you insight into all of the wonderful services they provide to our community – from a salon for cancer patients with free wigs, to gas vouchers and grocery vouchers for those who have to travel to treatments. This facility is run by donations – they receive no state or federal funding. It’s imperative for our community to step up for events like this and donate to a cause that means more to this community than some will ever know.

The top of the First National Bank building in downtown Fort Smith

Swoon. I mean, wait, what? You didn’t read that, I’ll never tell. Thanks again Garrett for supporting the Reynolds Cancer Support House!


For more information, view the website,, or please message me and I can either answer your questions or get you in contact with someone who can {..this option seems more likely!} I especially want to thank Kandice for being kind enough to sit and speak with me about this event, and for providing the pictures seen above!



Then Sings My Soul — For Paperwerk

Here’s a few things you should know about me today:

  • It is 6:30 pm and I’m sitting in bed in pj’s and very, very cozy socks from Free People {three pack for $20 at Suite One — go getcha some!}
  • The PJ’s I am currently in were purchased approximately one hour ago and they are Gillian & O’Malley, aka the softest pjs you’ll ever own, ever, bar none. {damn you Target, why do I come here? ….wait, no, I didn’t mean it, ILY.}
  • I am currently typing this out in between scanning Amazon Prime for an awesome birthday gift for my nephew, because what do you get a soon to be three-nager who has everything?
  • I almost bought a onesie with a fox on it today. Come to think of it..maybe it was a Halloween costume…we’ll never know.

I’m really not sure WHY you needed to know all of those things..but let’s just go with it, because I’m pretty sure you’re at least mildly entertained, and at the very least, I might have captured your attention long enough to talk about the next segment of my #LiveLocalFS series, and if I do say so myself, one of the places I was MOST EXCITED to post about.

Whatever town you live in, there’s always a hidden gem. A place that when you’re bored on your lunch break, or have to kill time after work, you always think “Oh! I know where I’ll go!” The place you could walk around in for hours. The place that when it opened, you thought to yourself “Why didn’t I think of this?” and “I never knew how much this town needed this place until we got it..”

For me, in the beautiful town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, this special place is Paperwerk, and I encourage you to run, DO NOT WALK, to go visit this shop. Paperwerk is a stationary, gift, & invitation shop here in Fort Smith, but it really dabbles in a little bit of everything.

I first found out about Paperwerk when the owner, the talented Kaci Singer, opened up a booth at a local business called Brick City Emporium {don’t worry..there will be more on Brick City soon!} I instantly became obsessed with her booth – from decorative pillows, the best planners, cute gifts for friends + family, and the most adorable wall art you ever did see. Kaci carries brands that you’ll probably heard of before – Rifle Paper Co, RBTL, Le Pen, and so much more that you always want to get your hands on, but don’t know where to pick it up {and let me tell you, having it all in one place makes it convenient for someone like me, who has 27 hours worth of items on her to do list and only 24 hours in a day…} From her booth, she opened her own Brick & Mortar store on Old Greenwood Road, where she housed her eclectic shop for quite some time. She has since moved to a new location – 908 S Greenwood {the corner of Rogers + Greenwood – across from the Walgreens!} and it makes my heart burst with pride to see how she has grown her business these past few years. Not all small businesses in small towns make it, but Kaci has proved that with hard work and passion, you can overcome all the odds {which is a habit I’m sure she learned from her crossfit classes! :D}

A few things I have to mention about what Paperwerk has to offer that you may want NEED to get your hands on:

  • Her plethora of cards for any occasion –> {I’m talking any occasion. Any.} And i’m not just talking about cards you can get from Target. I’m talking the cards that people don’t want to throw away because they’re so cute. Or is that just me? Moving on…
  • Her candles –> I literally SMELL good when I leave her store because of all of the amazing candles. I love candles. I am a candle…enthusiast {because addict has a bad connotation..}
  • Her personalized..well, anything –> Stationary, notepads, to do lists, you name it, she’ll hook you up. Can you say stocking stuffers? Gifts for girls nights? Wedding presents? Graduation gifts? New job presents? Everyone has to write…
  • Her gifts for any occasion –> The hand carved wooden Hog bowls? The softer-than-cashmere baby blankets? The notebooks? The adorable pillows and wall art?

I have always and WILL always support local business owners, especially those with hearts like the Paperwork owner herself, Kaci Singer.

We want to leave you with a special treat — and Kaci has SO GENEROUSLY decided to offer all of you followers 15% off of your ENTIRE PURCHASE from now until October 1st. {You know where I’ll be….} All you have to do is show this blog post at time of checkout to get the discount. I would pinch you so you knew you were awake..but it might be a little touch via the inter web.

















If you need me anytime in the next month, you know where I’ll be…


Emily Ley and her wonderful world of Planners

I may not be the most organized person in the universe, or even in my family, but out of my friends, I’m pretty organized. I rarely forget things, I am great with time, I’m hardly ever late {and even if I am, it’s only by a few minutes..} I’m a planner. By nature. It’s hard for me to plan things last minute, I want a plan upfront because I get anxious with last minute details. Charles has helped me become a bit more spontaneous, but for the most part, I’m a “I need a plan” kind of person. Just ask my friends, who I’m sure I drive up a wall.

It used to be so easy for me to plan ahead and remember things, because my friends would rarely have anything that they would plan ahead. I have a lot of “go with the flow” friends, and I never had to worry about marking things on my calendar too far in advance, since they simply didn’t plan that far out. Thus, I never really needed a planner.

Well, that streak in my friends lives is over. The honeymoon has ended, and now, they’re all joining my plan ahead party. That’s great, right?

WRONG. So wrong. In the past month, Charles has had to remind me of not one, but TWO events that I have completely forgotten about. Out of sight, out of mind, and my head has been elsewhere. Do you know how much teasing I’ve gotten from my husband about how he’s had to remind ME, when typically it’s the other way around? It’s endless. I knew I had to rectify this problem immediately. I knew I had to get a planner. I’m a pad and paper kind of gal. My husband doesn’t understand.. “I just bought you an apple watch..THAT IS your planner”…wrong again, sweetheart, so wrong, that is NOT my planner.

My friend Kaci owns the sweetest paperie and gift store around: Paperwerk {check them out on instagram here!} She carries Emily Ley planners, and I thought “Hey, I need a planner, and I’ve heard great things, so why not give this one a shot?” Little did I know how much I was going to love it. Here’s a few of my favorite components about the planner:

  • the sturdy medal binding — I carry planners / notebooks / etc with me in my purse..i’d like to say that I’m gentle on them, but who am I kidding, I always end up ruining it.  This binding doesn’t budge.
  • the gold plated corners — because if you can carry around a notebook in your purse without bending the corners, I will accuse you of witchcraft
  • the colorful tabs for the months —’s fun
  • the inspirational quotes on the top of the pages — because we all have our days..
  • the hourly breakdown — each day has an hourly breakdown so you can fill in hour by hour what you have going on. It also has a spot where you can write what you’re having for dinner, as well as a spot for a to do list and a note space. {I’m especially thankful for the dinner slot…it never fails, I buy all the ingredients and then forget what I was going to cook!}
  • the sunday recap — on each sunday page, it has a space for you to write a happy memory from that week – HOW FUN IS THAT? I can’t wait to look back and see what I wrote each week. This is going to be my weekly goal. It also has a spot for your upcoming weekly prep on sundays {ex plan meals, tidy up, write tasks}

This planner is truly what it says it is – a SIMPLIFIED planner. It breaks everything down so you can be uber organized, but it isn’t confusing and you won’t get lost in all of the page content.

Check out more of Emily Ley’s planners on her website and check out the designs that fit your personality! Or, better yet, go to Paperwerk and support local businesses! {I hear you get a free Le Pen if you purchase a planner!}







Day and Night

This day has! With that being said….

The sun is shining, it’s nice and toasty outside, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo {yay, MARGS!} and it smells like honeysuckles outside {that fact alone makes me smile}. Even with the stressful work day I’ve had, I cannot help but be in a good mood! Even my current setting is making me smile. I’m sitting on the couch on the deck {with my two backseat bloggers, Cholla and Milli..}, blogging away and sipping on a mojito – yes again – and I just feel overwhelmed with the readiness for summertime and fun outfits. My heart is feeling pretty happy right about now.

Summertime in the Alley household means more patios, more cookouts, more bonfires, more sunsets, and more courage in our clothing choices. For instance, I never thought I would want to rock a blazer {I’m just not a blazer kind of person…so I thought} and then I found the amazing blazer below a few nights ago, and now I’m a blazer kind of person. I also thought I wouldn’t buy into the fad that is boyfriend jeans. Until I tried on a pair and ended up loving them.

If you haven’t already learned this lesson, I’m going to teach it to you now. The things you think you won’t like end up being the things you can’t get enough of. Scared to branch out and try something new? Just try it! There’s no commitment in trying something out and seeing what you think.

For me, I tried this combo below {with a bit of hesitation..} and couldn’t get enough of it. Seriously, if I could wear this every day, I think I just might. It’s perfect for all of you working women out there trying to transition from a day in the office to a night out with the girls.


blazer2 copy blazer3 blazerback Tallblazer

Most often when I’m attempting to build an outfit, I start with one item and then I piece the outfit together from there. In this case, I started with this KILLER top from Indie {check their site out here!}– it goes with EVERYTHING, has the perfect fit, and I’m in love with the criss cross detailing on the top {and the bottom!} You can make a simple outfit with this top because it’s so easy —  black jeans, dark jeans, light jeans, cardigan, no cardigan, the options are endless, but I wanted to spice it up a bit.

I decided next that I wanted to pair it with some ripped boyfriend jeans – check these out from Old Navy.} I thought they would elevate the look, and I ended up loving the way they looked with the top! The mules are also from Old Navy, as shown in the last post {go check it out if you haven’t — although surely you have!}

Finally, I paired it with the blazer to end all blazers, it’s the softest, simplest, and best fitting blazer that I ever did see. This one in particular is from Wildfox and I purchased it at yep, you guessed it, Suite One! It has a criss cross half open / half closed back that made me fall in love.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, GO ENJOY some margaritas on the patio and think of me. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram {@rightupouralley}.